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It’s been a while! I apologize for my blogging absence but it has been an incredibly crazy year. I’ve spent the past 12 months dealing with some family issues and in the meantime, I got married! It was a crazy ride but I’m happy to be back focusing on my work and feeling inspired by something […]

Autism Awareness Day

Please take today and the whole month of April to educate yourself, your family, friends and colleagues about Autism Spectrum Disorders. New CDC reports indicate that 1 in 68 children have some form of ASD. We HAVE to put more time and money towards researching this epidemic. Please check out this article which really highlights […]

Teacher Training

Recently, Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken, NJ asked me to be a guest speaker at their teacher professional training event. I was so honored to be their presenter and offer suggestions for identification, referral and classroom carryover techniques. It just goes to show you when a school is truly invested, they educate THEIR educators and […]

Sorry I’m Not Sorry.

Do you get sick of answering people’s questions about your child with ASD or special needs? This is a powerful article that explains one mother’s answer to these questions…I’m Not Sorry My Kids Have Autism, So Why Are You?

we LOVE speech.

Last year I blogged about our Valentine’s theme in the therapy room. This year I added some new ideas that I wanted to share. Feel free to borrow! I’ve been really into decorating my office wall because it needs a good paint job. I dug up some old paper in the craft drawers and found […]

Superbowl and Speech!

A week late, I know. I was too depressed from the Broncos loss to blog! Even though we didn’t use the Superbowl theme too much in the therapy room, my boyfriend and I hosted a party at home. Thanks to Pinterest, I was so inspired with crafty football ideas. Here is some of what happened […]

Whole Body Listening

Or…WBL as I call it. I mentioned that this idea of “Whole Body Listening” was one of my favorite take-aways from the ASHA convention (courtesy of Michelle Garcia Winner and Social Thinking). I’ve ACTUALLY used this concept in therapy. I have some children who could and have truly benefitted from this model. Our mascot for WBL […]

What’s NEW?

Happy New Year! I apologize, I’ve been neglecting the blog. I’ve just honestly been so busy with scheduling and evaluating. The NEW year means NEW clients and NEW needs to address. I finally have a chance to breathe and re-connect! Here is FINALLY what we were up to over the holidays… 1. The Mitten by […]


Our therapy sessions have been filled with nothing but turkeys! This time of year is wonderful for incorporating holiday themes into sessions. It also creates the opportunity for practicing new vocabulary words and concepts. I find that carryover of speech and language skills is most prevalent during the holidays because my kids see and hear […]

ASHA Recap: Favorite Products

When I got back from the ASHA convention, many of my colleagues were interested to hear about what I learned and about new products I had discovered. I decided to share my three favorite products and ideas from the convention. And the winner goes to… 1. Articulation Test Center by Little Bee Speech. If you’re […]