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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Teacher Training

Recently, Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken, NJ asked me to be a guest speaker at their teacher professional training event. I was so honored to be their presenter and offer suggestions for identification, referral and classroom carryover techniques. It just … Continue reading

Sorry I’m Not Sorry.

Do you get sick of answering people’s questions about your child with ASD or special needs? This is a powerful article that explains one mother’s answer to these questions…I’m Not Sorry My Kids Have Autism, So Why Are You?

we LOVE speech.

Last year I blogged about our Valentine’s theme in the therapy room. This year I added some new ideas that I wanted to share. Feel free to borrow! I’ve been really into decorating my office wall because it needs a … Continue reading

Superbowl and Speech!

A week late, I know. I was too depressed from the Broncos loss to blog! Even though we didn’t use the Superbowl theme too much in the therapy room, my boyfriend and I hosted a party at home. Thanks to … Continue reading