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ASHA Recap: Favorite Products

When I got back from the ASHA convention, many of my colleagues were interested to hear about what I learned and about new products I had discovered. I decided to share my three favorite products and ideas from the convention.

And the winner goes to…

1. Articulation Test Center by Little Bee Speech. If you’re an SLP who treats articulation disorders, you already have “Articulation Station” on your ipad. Let me tell you, mommy speech therapy just keeps getting better! She now has Little Bee Speech and an app for evaluating articulation and phonological skills called “Articulation Test Center.” As a private evaluator who travels from home to home, I loved the idea of leaving my Goldman-Fristoe at home. I was worried that the app might not be thorough enough and I would have to improvise with some clinical judgment. I was wrong. The app is so comprehensive and it even generates a report for you. The price is right at $49.99 and you have the option to screen with the “quick test” or dig deeper with the “full test.” You MUST download this app!




2. Talking on the Go. This resource is a must-have if you work with early intervention or preschoolers. It’s a great tool to give to parents to work on language facilitation in everyday routines. The tabs on the side are organized by age. I’ve used this resource with parents of a 2-year-old that I see and they have raved about how much it helped. I give them several suggestions during each session but it’s difficult to remember to use them and it’s also hard to know when the techniques are best utilized. This book answers those questions and is so parent-friendly. Check it out!



3. Social Thinking. Maybe I’m late to the game but I’ve been searching for resources for my children on the spectrum with social language issues. I haven’t really found anything applicable and easy to use until I found Social Thinking. I attended a seminar hosted by Michelle Garcia Winner (the created of Social Thinking) and it just made so much sense. I picked up the “Whole Body Listening” poster and I’m deciding which book I’ll purchase next. Check out the website and other products:  www.socialthinking.com






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