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Sorry I’m Not Sorry.

Do you get sick of answering people’s questions about your child with ASD or special needs? This is a powerful article that explains one mother’s answer to these questions…I’m Not Sorry My Kids Have Autism, So Why Are You?

we LOVE speech.

Last year I blogged about our Valentine’s theme in the therapy room. This year I added some new ideas that I wanted to share. Feel free to borrow! I’ve been really into decorating my office wall because it needs a … Continue reading

Whole Body Listening

Or…WBL as I call it. I mentioned that this idea of “Whole Body Listening” was one of my favorite take-aways from the ASHA convention (courtesy of Michelle Garcia Winner and Social Thinking). I’ve ACTUALLY used this concept in therapy. I have … Continue reading

What’s NEW?

Happy New Year! I apologize, I’ve been neglecting the blog. I’ve just honestly been so busy with scheduling and evaluating. The NEW year means NEW clients and NEW needs to address. I finally have a chance to breathe and re-connect! … Continue reading

ASHA Recap: Favorite Products

When I got back from the ASHA convention, many of my colleagues were interested to hear about what I learned and about new products I had discovered. I decided to share my three favorite products and ideas from the convention. … Continue reading

ASHA Convention 2013

  This past weekend I attended the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) annual convention in Chicago, IL. My college friend, Katie, and I met in Chicago and brushed up on all our speech and language skills. It was so inspiring to … Continue reading

Back to School, Back to Therapy

Back to school means a lot of change for a typically-developing child but it can be emotionally, physically and mentally overwhelming for a child with special needs. It’s important as parents, educators and therapists to be sensitive to these changes … Continue reading

Back at it!

Well it’s that time again…BACK TO SCHOOL! Life will be crazy over the next few weeks but I figured many of you could benefit from some tips to keep everyone in the household sane. This time I’m stepping away from … Continue reading

Hoboken Family Alliance Discount

  Hoboken Family Alliance Members, I’m so excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with HFA to offer 10% off in-home speech therapy sessions for HFA members! Call 607-206-0412 or email cllnrogan@gmail.com to schedule speech and language therapy for your … Continue reading

Homemade Playdough for Language Therapy

  For my younger clients, I love using homemade playdough in therapy. Many people are hesitant to give the little ones playdough because they’re still exploring new items with their mouths. I agree, we don’t want anyone ingesting playdough! However, … Continue reading