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Fun Fall Speech and Language Activities

Happy Fall! I’m so excited to begin my blog during this season! There are so many great family friendly activities that can facilitate speech and language. Here are some ideas:

1. Apple Picking. Take your child to the local apple farm. Point out the different colors of apples and how the tastes vary. Is the apple tart or sweet? Explain all the different ways you can use apples (e.g., pie, applesauce, apple juice). Go home and make a delicious apple treat! Have your child help you bake and talk through all the steps to making your fall treat.

Speech and Language Targets: Vocabulary, Categorizing, Sequencing

2. Leaf activities. Being from upstate New York, I think there’s nothing more beautiful than the trees changing colors. It’s also a perfect opportunity to work on colors, sizes and fine motor skills. Go on a “leaf hunt” with your child. Search for leaves in different colors and sizes. Bring your leaves to the kitchen table and help your child trace them. You can always press your leaves with wax paper to preserve the memory. Try it here: Wax Paper Leaf Activity

Speech and Language Targets: Categorizing, Superlatives (biggest/smallest), Fine Motor Skills

3. Fall songs/Nursery Rhymes. Children learn so much about communicating from nursery rhymes and songs. It’s also a great bonding experience for you and your child. You can make up hand movements to accompany the song. Try it here: Fall songs

Speech and Language Targets: Rate of Speech, Turn-Taking, Vocal Parameters, Phonological Awareness (rhyming)

Have fun!!

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