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Homemade Playdough for Language Therapy

  For my younger clients, I love using homemade playdough in therapy. Many people are hesitant to give the little ones playdough because they’re still exploring new items with their mouths. I agree, we don’t want anyone ingesting playdough! However, … Continue reading

Ipad for Early Intervention

  I’ve recently had some requests for iPad apps for early intervention. I’ve done some research and have found some great ones. Here’s a listing of my favorite early language learning apps: 1. Funimal Phonics ($0.99) 2. I Hear Ewe … Continue reading

Teaching the L sound

  Many of my clients have difficulty producing the /l/ sound. In most cases, the child substitutes a /w/ sound for an /l/ sound (e.g., “wike” for “like” or “wittle” for “little”). I find in most cases, this is an … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure things are getting crazy in your house just like they are in mine! Despite the turkey, the full bellies and the football, the best part about this time of year is time for family and friends. We all … Continue reading

Teaching the /F/ and /V/ sounds

These sounds are produced in a very similar way. In order to produce both sounds, the child has to place their top teeth on the bottom lip and push out air. One difference between these sounds is that the /f/ sound is produced with the voice … Continue reading

Spooky Speech!

How has October been for everyone? Mine has been busy! I’ve done a lot of traveling and I’ve been enjoying the leaves changing and the brisk fall air. I’ve also been checking Pinterest and other speech and language blogs for … Continue reading

Language Facilitation at HOME!

Your child’s language goals may not be as easy to understand as a typical articulation goal. The truth is receptive and expressive language tasks are used in just about every situation. You may be targeting their language skills without even … Continue reading

Speech and Language at HOME!

Home carryover is a huge factor in mastering a speech and language skill. Your child may do great in the therapy room but as soon as he or she sees you in the waiting room, the skill is lost. This … Continue reading

Fun Fall Speech and Language Activities

Happy Fall! I’m so excited to begin my blog during this season! There are so many great family friendly activities that can facilitate speech and language. Here are some ideas: 1. Apple Picking. Take your child to the local apple … Continue reading