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Update from our Speech Room <3

We’ve been busy in the speech room working on special Valentines for YOU, moms and dads! Your little ones were so excited to share their artwork with you…





Although these activities are just good old crafting fun, there are also so many hidden speech and language activities that we incorporated into the activities. For the littlest ones, the Heart Stamp Painting activity was great for sequencing 2-step directions. Children were given directions using sequential terms (e.g., first stamp the heart in the paint and then stamp it on the paper). The Foam Valentines were great for older children working on letter-sound identification and sight words. They chose a phrase for their Valentine and the task was to find the letters to spell out their message.

We used extension activities to keep with our Valentine theme and to specifically target our speech and language goals. Thanks to Twin Sister Speech & Language Therapy, we worked on Valentine pronouns. Check out Twin Sisters’ awesome pronoun packet below:



Dora even stopped by to help us celebrate! We read Dora’s Valentine Adventure to work on answering and asking wh-questions. Dora books are often great for this skill. We focused on what questions (what did Silly Mail Bird lose?) and where questions (where does Silly Mail Bird have to look?) Dora’s adventure also helped us target our story-retelling skills. The task was to sequence and retell the story. We flipped back through the book for visual cues if our memories were foggy!



How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Feel free to share fun activities to add my to Valentine file <3

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