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Our therapy sessions have been filled with nothing but turkeys! This time of year is wonderful for incorporating holiday themes into sessions. It also creates the opportunity for practicing new vocabulary words and concepts. I find that carryover of speech and language skills is most prevalent during the holidays because my kids see and hear all about the same information at school, at home and in the therapy room. We used a couple do-it-yourself activities to get the children more connected with their therapy session and to other kiddos in Speech. Here is what we’ve been up to:




DIY Decorations. Each year, I struggle with finding inexpensive ways to spruce up my room for the holidays. This year I decided to have my kids help me with a little DIY decorating. Each child decorated a flag for our “Give Thanks” banner. We worked on sound/letter identification and early reading skills. When the child came back for the next session, they were so proud that they helped make the decorations! We also colored turkeys and wrote things we were thankful for on each turkey feather. My kids with /th/ goals got a ton of practice!




Turkey Match up. My kids LOVE matching games. I decided to make our own turkey-themed version this year. Each child had to color two turkeys in the exact same way. We worked on the concept of same/different. The children with articulation goals wrote Thanksgiving vocabulary words with their special sound on the back. Those children with vocabulary or language goals wrote Thanksgiving activities or food items on the back. I laminated the cards and let the children play their DIY version of Turkey match up. It was a hit!



Pilgrim Pronouns. I have a bunch of children who struggle with use of pronouns. We used this coloring activity to work on possessive pronouns (e.g., color his shoes black, make her bonnet blue). Most of my kids didn’t know about Pilgrims so we read the book “One little, Two little, Three little Pilgrims” by B.G. Hennessey to learn more about Thanksgiving.


Feel free to borrow these ideas or store them away for next year. Happy Thanksgiving!



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