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Whole Body Listening

Or…WBL as I call it. I mentioned that this idea of “Whole Body Listening” was one of my favorite take-aways from the ASHA convention (courtesy of Michelle Garcia Winner and Social Thinking). I’ve ACTUALLY used this concept in therapy. I have some children who could and have truly benefitted from this model. Our mascot for WBL may not be as pretty but this is how we target the idea…




^^That’s “Mike.” One of my kiddos named him and he focuses on some key concepts that are important during conversations with adults and peers. I can even refer to “Mike” when my clients are having trouble (e.g., “What would Mike think about the way you are talking to your friend?) Thank you Michelle and Social Thinking, this has been a very resourceful tool! I encourage you to try it with your clients. Let me know what you think!


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